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1 - Good Pop, Bad Pop

Wed, 2013-01-23 13:56 -- Marc
Pop Prince Donny Osmond

Good Pop, Bad Pop

Welcome to good pop, bad pop. A light hearted (while semi serious) look at what pop offered the world of music, and also the times when it had nothing to offer at all. In this series we will be looking at 3 songs that I feel offered something to music and also 3 song that should not have been allowed into the music stratosphere. I stress that this is totally subjective and should not be seen as an attack on artists or bands, It is merely my opinion on individual songs. I probably... have nothing against the artists in question.
Good Pop
The Osmonds - Crazy Horses 1972
A song about too much pollution from cars with heavy rock elements throughout? Yes the Osmonds did record this song and yes they did release it to the general population. Crazy Horses shows that even musicians who are not usually in the market for this sound can and have achieved it. The song is fun and rocky with a solid beat throughout. Although simple, pleasure can be gained through both listening to and playing this song. Also watch out for the crazy dance, that deserves a blog of its own.
Bad Pop
Vanilla - No Way No Way 1997
Now this is how you get started on bad pop songs. Do you all remember the spice girls? Hell yea you do even if you didn't like them, they were in your face and you had no choice. Now then, does everyone remember Vanilla? Of course you don't you just have to listen to this song and see why. This song is based on Mah Na Mah Na and is truly atrocious, the vocal lines are perfectly matched with the music to provide you with enough hauntingly bad memories of this song you may never go back to it. you know its gone south when you hear 'Don't get fresh with me.' What is also more shocking is that this song reached number 14 in the charts? I really want to meet someone who will admit to buying this!
Good Pop
Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You 1994
Ex Orange Juice front man Edwyn Collins released this corker in 1994, bringing an electronic rock element to the pop scene. Coming from a background of new wave and post punk this song is quite an achievement. The electronic elements of this song if overdone could become uncomfortable, in this case it did not. The tone that is achieved on the simple and small guitar lick is fantastic and satisfying. Simple to play, I would recommend anyone taking the 30 seconds to learn it. Then play on repeat.
Bad Pop
Billie - Because We Want To 1998
Now I don't have anything against Billie Piper apart from the fact she married Chris Evans. That aside, just take a look at the bad suits and overly irritating dance routine in this song. Honestly, it make me angry. Like vanillas fantastic hit this song is indescribably weak. With teenage rebellion laden lyrics there is no surprise that this song did well in the charts. This song is the first number one to appear on bad pop. This did not take long!
Good Pop
George Michael - Fast Love 1996
This is not the first time that George Michael will appear in this blog series. This song shows how it should be done, great beats, typically marvellous vocals and ultimate smoothness. Regardless of your personal opinions of Mr Michael he is a fantastic creative force that pop music would greatly miss him if he hadn't pushed his solo career into the 90's and beyond. This song holds special memories of breaking into a friends bed room while he was performing 'Fast Love'.
Bad Pop
David Bowie and Mick Jagger - Dancing in the Street 1985
Now admittedly this song was a charity song... but it is still terrible. This was a motown classic that was originally recorded by Martha and the Vandellas back in the 60's. Now two Goliaths in the music industry have managed to completely destroy all the goodness that this song once possessed. Originally this song was a nugget of goodness only to be turned on its head into this bum nugget. I find it very hard to watch this music video as it destroys my image of these two, hopefully Bowie at least will have a chance to revive himself on here.
Now I know people are thinking that they know far worse songs than this, and even far better. Well then get in touch and tell me and it may be used in a future episode of Good Pop, Bad Pop!


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