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make me Alpha. Martin, Marc and Patrick.

A three word band name for a three man band, we hail from a city called Leeds in the central north of England. What we play is music, but what we do is much more than that. First off, as a disclaimer, we should say that our music will evolve (or at least we hope it does) and the sound we make will change over the overlapping periods of our lives. We are a band who want to challenge conventions when it comes to living in a band and change it to what we see as our vision.

We view this group as our way of making enough money to live, the strong passion for good music we three share between us helps to push our energies and keep our standards high enough to make our idea a reality.

When this was written, our music sounds like a compilation of the following ideas and thoughts. A thick dose of slap bass that slides around your ears til it drops in and delivers the requsite pop to make your eyes blink. Guitar shapes that (it is believed) originate from a field on the left, somewhere over there, which dance, skip and float over and alongside the imposing bass. Drums that were made in england and can never knowingly stop until told to provide the bass with a rhythmical hand to hold in this mixture of sound.

Once we were a rogue rhythm section on the loose after the death of a major project, Martin and Patrick needed another line drawn to make the unlimited triangle of creativity that was needed for the reignition of their passion. Somewhat fortunately Marc could play the guitar, even better he was already living with us. Similar to a classic car having the covers taken off, the engine needed warming up for abit of time, but patience is indeed a virtue and the form of yesteryear soon showed itself.

Audio Projects

Project One: Choose Our Second E.P.

Thu, 2012-10-18 16:59 -- makemeAlpha

make me Alpha audio project one.  Website visitors and fans can choose the songs to be recorded for our second E.P.

Midi Live Idea 2
100% (10 votes)
Bass Idea 1
60% (6 votes)
Bass Idea 2
50% (5 votes)
Midi Live Idea 1
40% (4 votes)
Jam Idea 1
40% (4 votes)
Jam Idea 2
10% (1 vote)
Jam Idea 3
0% (0 votes)
Jam Idea 4
0% (0 votes)
Jam Idea 5
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 10

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